Story of Anup Magar

Anup Magar

Name: Anup Magar

Date of Birth: Nepali 2062/8/8, English 2011/11/24 Thursday,

Name of Father: Bhakta Bahadur Magar.

Name of Mother: Nirmaya Magar (Dead)

Anup Magar from Gumthang Sindhupalchok Nepal

Permanent Address: Gumthang-2, Sindhupalchowk, Bagmati, Nepal,

Current address: Lalitpur-9, Balkumari, Bagmati, Nepal.


Anup like Momo in food, but he don’t like Gundruk, pickled leafy vegetable, but he like Tite Karela which in English is Bitter Melon or some call it bitter squash. He likes mutton in meat. He likes Pineapple. He like to play badminton, swim and football. He likes Coat and pant and he becomes very happy when he get chance to game in computer. He don’t have any girlfriend and he don’t have any idea about when he wish to get married.

He study in class 4 in Bidhya Sagar Public School in Chyasal in Kathmandu and his favorite subject is English and Mathematics.  His best tv program is wrestling, Roman Rein and John Cena, but his best Bible character is Moses because he heard God speak to him.

Anup is afraid of Earthquake and storm. He remembers how his mother dead in Earthquake when stones hit his mother. Anup sings well and play guitar and he want to become a Doctor and treat injured in future.

Anup likes Masu Chiura, bitten rice and meat curry for breakfast. When I ask him which country in the world you like most, his answer was ‘Nepal’. He expects or dreams of someone giving him Bicycle. He loves Puppy. When I ask him what can people pray about you and he said ‘pray for my study’. When asked about you recall when you saw your mother for the last time he said ‘it hurts me’.

What do you do if you meet your sponsor in front of you? He said ‘I will say Jai Mashi, I will say sit here, I will bring water.’


April 3, 2017


Anup Magar



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