Child Support leading family to Salvation

Mani original name is Padam Bahadur Magar, he is Rishta Father. He is from Sindhupalchok in Nepal. He has a wife, Ristha (9), Rishab (5) and John (50 Days).

Mani works as a Driver in car in Hydro Power Company. He started to work as a Driver after the Earth Quake when his house and everything he has, were buried in rubble. Before the Earthquake, he invested his money, nearly 25000 $ in a Car rental company but lost his business because of bad loan. That money he invested was from the bank on interest. After the Earth quake, he became homeless as his home was destroyed and his field were overridden by rocks and stone.

Nepal Earthquake damage vehicles home as the rocks fall from the mountain.
Nepal Earthquake damage vehicles home as the rocks fall from the mountain.

Rishta was rescued and was brought to Kathmandu for shelter, home and education by the help of the supporter. It was somehow a glass of cold water to hungry, helpless and sad family. I asked him a question, what you want to say to her sponsor if he appears right now in front of you, he said, ‘I would thank him for doing such a help to my daughter which I was unable to. Thank you for doing this.’

Mani wants to see his daughter become someone special in the future. He said he suffered hunder and thunder, meaning suffering, simply because he was not educated. He wants to see Rishta continue her study and become Doctor, Engineer etcs.

Rishta like to attend Church, she likes company, her friends, she says she feel so welcome and so free in the church, and because of Rishta insistent, her mother started to come the Church. Ristha mother slowly like the songs Christian sing in the Church. She felt Church people were open, kind and helpful. She found something different inside the Church and she said she is ready to become Christian and follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

I ask Ristha father, Mani, your wife have decided to follow Jesus Christ, are you mad at her? He said ‘no’. He said ‘I am not mad. In fact, I like Jesus Christ, too.’

Meanwhile Ristha mother gave birth to a third Child, but she became like untouchable. All her surrounding were Hindu, according to Hindu rituals, until the day of Nuaran, naming ceremony, (Mother Purification in Christians) mother is abstain from the regular work. So, Mani called me and said ‘would you please come and do Nuaran of my Child.’ So we went, did Nuaran and name the baby, John, and declared that mother is purified from her situation and she can be restored for normal public duty. I told mother and father, I did the naming and purification, but I won’t be able to do dedication program of the child because your wife is Christian, and you are still Hindu.

Mani and his friend giving life to Jesus.
Mani and his friend giving life to Jesus.

During the Christmas program, Rishta mother, father, brother and new born brother, all came to Church. We had decorated the Church and it was beautiful and there were many people. Mani said ‘I have also decided to follow Jesus Christ, would you lead me to Jesus.’ I said, No, Jesus already here, you simply have to accept him. And he said ‘I am ready.’ He accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and savior, on the day of Christmas in 2016.

As, Mani, started to walk in his new life in new faith, his friends started to talk about him. They talked, it was good when you were still a Hindu. Why you accept that American religion? Mani responded to them, ‘I am happy, because my family is happy. I don’t care what the world says to me.’

I ask him last question, what about the Land and Loan in the bank? He said, ‘Now all in God’s hand, whatever He thinks good, He will do.’

A small support to a child in need is leading their entire family to the Lord. Is this not wonderful?


Prepared by Reuben

15 Jan 2017




One thought on “Child Support leading family to Salvation

  1. God bless you Reuben
    This is such an inspiring story. We are so encouraged. Please give our love to Mani and all his family and assure them all of our prayers for them. Tell them that they have many brothers and sisters around the world in the Christian family who they too now belong to who know of them and are praying for them too.
    I hope to return myself to Nepal later this year for more ministry. Since I was last with you I have been privileged to visit and preach in over 16 different nations. Please pray for me too.
    I look back to mybataybwithnyou with much affection.
    Lots of love
    Howard BarneS
    The Call2Come ministry


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