Bible Distribution in the west

Bible Distribution in the west

A young boy is keeping Bible in his chest.

Bible Distribution

A girl holding the Bible in her grip.

Bible Distribution.

Two girl look to camera as they hold Children Bible in their hand.

Bible Distribution

Youth of the Church show their copy of Bible

Bible Distribution

Girls Smile as they receive their personal copy of Children Bible

Bible Distribution

Girl smile as they receive the Children Bible

Bible Distribution MinistryBb

Children line up to get their copy of free Children Bible

Bible Distribution Ministry

Young show his copy of personal Children Bible

Bible Distribution Ministry

Youth show their copy of Holy Bible

Bible Distribution Ministry

Children and Youth show up their Bible.

Bible Distribution Ministry

Bibles are ready to give away in remote west.

Bible Distribution Ministry

Holy Bible in their local tongue. What a Blessing. Thank you.

I would like to add some more images of Bajhang. I hope you would enjoy it. Please come and visit Bajhang.

This is the entrance gate to Bajhang.

This is where Bajhang is in Nepal Map.

Nepal still is divided into 75 small district. Little boxes show the districts.

North of Bajhang

This is Saipal Himal at the north. Nepal has high ridge at the north.

Village in Bajhang

Cluster of homes with no electricity, transportation, running water, groceries. Who wants to go here with God’s message?

Airport in Bajhang

This is seasonal airport in Bajhang. Flights are landed on dry season in grassy land.

Mountain village in Bajhang

Mountain village in Bajhang. Nepali are people of the mountain. They have been to this kind of location for hundreds of years.

Bajhang Capital Chainpur

Chainpur is surrounded by Seti River.

Thank you to all for watching this.


One thought on “Bible Distribution in the west

  1. Thank you. This is so very comforting to all of us as missionaries to see this marvelous Bible distribution. Surely GOD is opening many doors today to advance His cause and give NEW LIFE thru eternity to so many–especially our children and youth who will be our world leaders. May our gracious Heavenly Father continue you to BLESS all of you as together we are changing our world for GOOD.


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